Festival for contemporary dance and performance

TANZTENDENZEN Festival has been presenting international highlights of young contemporary dance in Germany’s north-east since 1993. With Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin and Opera na Zamku w Szczecinie joining Hebebühne e.V. and Theater Vorpommern in the group of organisers, from 2018 TANZTENDENZEN will be taking place simultaneously in Greifswald, Schwerin and Szczecin.

TANZTENDENZEN are a platform for young choreographers who have developed a recognisable individual profile and are about to launch their international careers. Encounters and exchange among the artists as well as between audience and artists are actively promoted.

The programme covers a wide range of current international productions complemented by after-show discussions and video choreographies to further deeper understanding. Workshops provide an additional opportunity to get acquainted with the choreographers’ methods and views on a practical level.


From their very beginnings up to the present TANZTENDENZEN have been aiming to introduce contemporary dance and performance to the general public in an underdeveloped region and thus promote understanding for this art form.

The festival was initiated in Greifswald by Siemens cultural programme in cooperation with the local sociocultural centre St. Spiritus. In the late 90s Hebebühne e.V. society and Theater Vorpommern joined St.Spiritus as organisers, establishing TANZTENDENZEN as an annual and from 2014 a biennial event.

Highlights 2016

(Deutsch) MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch

Company Chameleon

Laura Keil + Ruslan Stepanov