Katharina Wunderlich (Berlin)


Triple Feature II

Your head is heavy but thoughts keep revolving, ticking like a clockwork, rattling on and on, overstraining even the body’s possibilities. Like a sleepwalking side cast, the body follows the overexcited brain. Insomnia deals with the longing for stops and pauses, the yearning for sleep that is being felt more and more intensively under the increasing pressure of our meritocracy.

Choreography + Dance: Katharina Wunderlich | Composer: Caroline Wunderlich

Szczecin: Tue 23 Oct, 8 p.m., Opera na Zamku, Sala kameralna
Greifswald: Thur 25 Oct, 8 p.m., St. Spiritus, Saal

Duration: 15 min

Audience talk following the performance

Katharina Wunderlich is a free-lance dancer and choreographer from Berlin. She started her career with Thoss Tanz Company at Theater Kiel, moved on to Staatsoper Hannover, where she worked with Stefan Thoss, Mats Ek, Yuki Mori, Omar Rajeh, the Wee Dance Company, Company Colas and Felix Landerer internalising their choreographic styles.

She performed in various productions around the globe, among other locations in the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Estonia, Mexico, Guatemala and Siberia. In close cooperation with the composer Caroline Wunderlich, she started developing her own choreographies in 2010, merging contemporary dance and experimental live music.