OK Dance (Israel)


Triple Feature III

Four glamorous demigods (or are they over-confident teenagers?) appear on stage. They move about capriciously, arms and legs everywhere. They fall in and out of sync. This may be a mystical ritual, or the trials and tribulations of high school. The piece begins with these divine creatures commanding the stage with bravado, then we discover that even gods fall from grace, and recover. They squabble, they cross paths in love, they mesmerise us with compassion and then break down and cry. Part punk rock, part social media era soap opera, in a colourfully designed world, the performers are emotionally at full throttle throughout the piece. Built in segments, and set to original music, the piece transports the spectator through an emotional rainbow, to arrive at a surprising and cathartic finale.

Choreography: Osnat Kelner | Dance: Omri Albo, Carmel Ben Asher, Opal Markus, Aya Steigman | Composition: Giori Politi, Daniel Meir | Lighting Design: Dani Fishof | Costume Design: Osnat Kelner

Duration: 24 min

Audience talk following the performance.

Szczecin: Tue 23 Oct, 7 p.m., Opera na Zamku, Sala kameralna
Greifswald: Thur 25 Oct, 8 p.m., St. Spiritus, Saal

Osnat Kelner is a choreographer, visual artist and costume designer, born in Israel in 1980.
She holds a BFA from Betzalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, and studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki as well as the Shenkar College for Engineering & Design, Israel. Osnat Kelner has created stage works for main dance festivals in Israel and dance companies in Israel, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Osnat danced with the BatSheva Dance Company and later worked as their rehearsal director. She worked extensively as a performer with theatre director Ariel Efraim Ashbel and as a freelance dancer with various Israeli choreographers. Osnat Kelner works as assistant choreographer for both Sharon Eyal and Barak Marshall and stages their repertory with dance companies around the world. She created stage productions for leading dance festivals in Israel as well as for dance companies in Israel, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In her work Osnat Kelner deals with the plasticity of the body and material, humour, and popular cultural references.