Katharina Wunderlich (Berlin)

Insomnia Triple Feature II Your head is heavy but thoughts keep revolving, ticking like a clockwork, rattling on and on, overstraining even the body’s possibilities. Like a sleepwalking side cast, the body follows the overexcited brain. Insomnia deals with the longing for stops and pauses, the yearning for sleep that is being felt more and more intensively under the increasing pressure of our meritocracy. Choreography + Dance: Katharina Wunderlich | Composer: Caroline Wunderlich Szczecin: Tue 23 Oct, 8 p.m., Opera na Zamku, Sala kameralna Greifswald: Thur 25 Oct, 8 p.m., more

OK Dance (Israel)

Expecting Triple Feature III Four glamorous demigods (or are they over-confident teenagers?) appear on stage. They move about capriciously, arms and legs everywhere. They fall in and out of sync. This may be a mystical ritual, or the trials and tribulations of high school. The piece begins with these divine creatures commanding the stage with bravado, then we discover that even gods fall from grace, and recover. They squabble, they cross paths in love, they mesmerise us with compassion and then break down and cry. Part punk rock, part social media more